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A Little Homesick | The Graduate Escape.

I started A Little Homesick about three days before I left London to travel through Northern India, Thailand, Bali and eventually Australia. The blog was supposed to document my amazing adventures around Asia and Australia, where I predicted that I'd almost immediately land my dream job, secure sponsorship, and live out the rest of my days on the Australia's sun-drenched beaches.

Except that didn't exactly happen.

Instead I successfully travelled India without getting Delhi Belly, cut short my Thailand adventure due to homesickness and the King's death, skipped Bali (although I went back later!), struggled to find a job in Australia, struggled to complete my farm work, fell in love with the Sunshine Coast, almost secured sponsorship, and formed an unhealthy attachment to TimTams and smashed avo.

So where am I now?

Still in Australia, by some miracle! However later this year I'll undoubtedly have to return to the UK, train as a teacher, and then return to this glorious island to continue my quest for citizenship.

Stay tuned xo