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Bada Bagh Cenotaphs | Jaisalmer


In the heart of the desert you'll find a very strange place, almost Martian in landscape, with a very colourful history.

Okay I'm being dramatic. Bada Bagh Cenotaphs are only about 6km away from Jaisalmer and the landscape isn't particularly Martian; I mean, the place is surrounded by wind turbines so you could really be in Cornwall . . . only more orange.

But back to the Cenotaphs. The name Bada Bagh literally means 'Big Garden', although their definition of garden may vary slightly - we are in a desert after all. Back in the 16th century, Jai Singh II commissioned a dam to be built in order to provide some aquatic relief for the area. Following his death in 1753, his son ordered a garden around the dam to be built as well as a cenotaph (called Chhatris).


The tradition of building cenotaphs here for the royals continued up to the 20th century. The last tomb here actually remains unfinished as the King's son died only a year into his reign and before the cenotaph was completed, this is considered bad luck and thus the Cenotaphs are no more.Β 


Onto a more gory side of the Cenotaphs. There's two levels to the site: one for the man and one - unofficially - for the women. Β