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"Just One Photo!" | Tordi Garh


A wifi-less 24 hours in a rural Indian village... 

From Pushkar travelled to the little village of Tordi Garh, a little village not far from Jaipur. It's the sort of place where the Indian caste system is still very much in effect and very visible.


Our orientation walk began in the part of the village where the lowest caste live. The houses here have this sign painted on them, to signify that they are, simply put, poor. Something about this really rubbed me the wrong way - having a visible identifier to let everyone know that you're somehow different. I felt kind of humiliated on my heir behalf - and to add to their humiliation I took a photo of it... Anyway, there is some good to come out of it. The Indian government are currently running an initiative to provide working toilets for those living in poverty. They'll give the families money and the families will build the toilet. Simples.

After the orientation walk around the village we headed back to the hotel to get henna from the local girls - something that I've wanted to have done for so long! Next it was up a sand dune for the sunset (which we didn't see because it was cloudy lol). All in all a welcome break from the cities. Plus the kids kind of warmed my ice cold heart by just wanting their photos taken 😱

 It's all about the white marble background Β 

It's all about the white marble background Β