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Brahma's Temple

Brahma is the Hindu god of creation, and yet there is only one Temple to him in the world.

There are many legends as to why this is the case, the one our guide told us goes something like this:

There is a fire ritual in Hinduism (yajna) that has to be done with one's spouse. However his wife wasn't present, so Brahma crested a new woman. Understandably his wife was less than pleased and do she put a curse on him: there could be no more temples to Brahma, Pushkar's was to be the only one.



Temple Story

There once was a Lord's daughter, Sati, who fell in love with a god, Shiva. Shiva, however, wasn't really a stereotypical god. He had the appearance of a beggar and gave everything away to those less fortunate than himself. The Lord was not pleased and wanted his daughter to marry a king or another, more stereotypical god. Finally, though, he relented and allowed his daughter to marry Shiva.


The Lord still wasn't happy and when he threw a party he refused to invite his son-in-law. Shiva advised his wife not to go to the party, but she did anyway. When she arrived she saw that her father had dressed the gate keepers to look like her husband, Shiva, to mock him. Furthermore he refused to acknowledge her and ignored her throughout the party. She was so distraught that she jumped onto a pyre and died.


When her husband found out, he was furious. He killed the father and took his wife's body out of the fire. In the years that followed he carried her body across India on his back, and wherever a body part fell (such as her nose or an ear) he built a temple. There are 51 of these temples across the country.

 Monkey outside the Sati Temple! 

Monkey outside the Sati Temple! 

 I hiked up here at 5 am

I hiked up here at 5 am