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 I've arrived safely in Delhi! It's unbelievable hot and I've conveniently come down with a really bad cold. As in: nose blocked, mouth breathing. It's delightful! Hopefully I'll be able to put up some Delhi posts soon, but until then please accept my apologies.


Many moons ago my great aunt bought me a stamp collecting kit. Why she did this, I have no idea. I had never shown an interest in stamp collecting but, having received my kit, I collected stamps diligently for a while. I think this particular hobby fizzled out due to my genuine lack of interest, but here I am, fifteen years later, considering reigniting the pastime.

I was reminded of my brief stamp collecting phase (which followed my infamous 'Nun Phase') the other day at work. A backpacker came in, clutching a notebook, and asked me to stamp one of the pages. Upon seeing my confused expression, she proceeded to flick through the rest of the book, showing off all of her stamps. They weren't necessarily fancy: one honestly just said "Visitor Services" but I liked the idea. It's like a tamer version of collecting tattoos, isn't it?

On my first backpacking trip my friend Elle bought a postcard in each location, wrote it to herself, then sent it back home. Think of it as a delayed travel journal. Again it's an idea that I'd already decided to copy - along with making it my mission to visit every country in the world - but as I don't know where I'll be leaving or when I'll be back in the UK, I don't know how it'd work.

Another travel-related collecting hobby I considered was little tiles. How very middle-aged of me. Whilst living in Portugal, my housemate Emily began to collect little painted Portuguese floor tiles from each of the places she visited. Sadly, most places don't make floor tiles like the Portuguese and I'm not quite sure how practical that is for backpackers, so I might postpone that one until I've a house of my own.

As you may have gathered from this rambling post, it's rare that I ever have an original thought of my own. So it'll come as no surprise to find out that I've decided to do a little collecting of my own whilst travelling. I'm not particularly keen on revisiting my stamp collecting past, and as I mentioned postcards and tiles aren't that practical. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for easy collectibles, they'd be much appreciated. I'm thinking tickets...

  Photos from Croatia (Krka, Hvar, Bol). Taken August 2014.

Photos from Croatia (Krka, Hvar, Bol). Taken August 2014.