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To all the clothes I'm leaving behind

To all the clothes I'm leaving behind,

It's not you, it's me. I don't want you to think that you don't mean anything to me, or that our time together didn't matter, it's just that I am destined for warmer climates.

I hope you realise that my agonising over which of you to pack was genuine. In a parallel universe we'd always be together, traipsing across the globe, uncreased, unsoiled, and resplendent in our glory. However, the world is a dusty and dirty place; the life of a backpacker unforgiving and often treacherous.

My little white Zara t-shirt dress, how I long to prance around in you in the heat, but alas, I must think sensibly now. My beloved Bubba Gump hoody, my faithful companion for over six years, you must remain for your own safety. My nude Mango pumps in which I have just mastered the art of walking, unfortunately you will not be climbing any volcanoes with me.

Maybe, just maybe, you'll find yourself packed lovingly into my pink suitcase and shipped to Australia. How many of you can make the journey to the southern hemisphere with me I do not know. What your future holds in the House of Best I also do not know for he has threatened both the floor and the bin. Fear not, my favourite fabrics in prints and colours galore, I endeavour to do my best to see us reunited as soon as possible.

Even though many miles, oceans, and continents may separate us, you'll forever be in my heart.

Love, Sarah 

Photos from MΓ‘laga, Spain. Taken October 2015.

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