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Camel Safari | Raisar, India


You may now call me Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Yes, if you hadn't quite guessed the camel safari was every bit as fabulous as I'd anticipated. Not only did I not die of heatstroke or burn to a crisp, I also did not fall off and I'm not too sore either. You could say that I had a spiritual bond with my camel.


Getting on was a bit scary - don't underestimate a camel's height - but after that the journey was quite pleasant. Camels are fairly sturdy animals and I felt quite regal prowling through the Thar desert. Shame I didn't look regal. I can safely say that I looked like a jazzy ET with my headscarf on, hence why I haven't included any photos.

 How would Hannah pose? 

How would Hannah pose? 

 Fashion-forward, as per

Fashion-forward, as per


I'm also happy to report that the food was delicious. It was a lot simpler than the food served in restaurants but it still tasted amazing. Whilst food was included, drinks were not. They were ridiculously cheap though and there was a full selection of soft drinks and alcohol. I kid you not: a poor camel had to drag a bottle of rum, vodka, gin and beers along with him, as nothing is more sensible than getting drunk in 40° heat in a desert. I abstained, surprisingly.


Moving onto our camp - it was so cute! There was a long table, 16 beds, and a toilet tent. After watching the sunset we ate, rocked out to some Indian folk tunes around a campfire, then fell asleep under the stars. Sounds romantic, right? Well it kinda was, aside from the bugs, snarling dogs, and a distant village having a party at 3am. Having said that, I'd definitely recommend doing it if you ever get the chance.

 Camel carts for the ride home

Camel carts for the ride home