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Byron Bay

A day trip to the chilled out beach town of Byron Bay, New South Wales.

How does one describe Byron Bay? It's a funny little place. The kind of place that is 'so laid back, it's almost horizontal'. The town is 772km north of Sydney, 165km south of Brisbane, and is Australia's most easterly point. 

There are a billion and one cafes and restaurants to choose from. We went to Chihuahua - described as a 'hole in the wall taqueria'. Who even knew 'taqueria' was a word? Whilst I was going to have the fish taco, I opted for pork in the name of saving money. When my pork taco arrived, however, Peter decided to smother it in hot sauce - therefore rendering it inedible to my delicate palate - and eat it. I was stuck with chicken. Moral of this story: Peter is a snake and cannot be trusted with tacos.