A Little Homesick
The Graduate Escape


Day Four

Start: Fitzroy Crossing - Finish: Broome | Distance: 397km approx. |

I have found paradise! It's called Cable Beach and it's in Broome. 22km of white sand and turquoise water. I was so excited I forgot to swim between the flags.

Continuing in the vein of embarrassingly childlike excitement, I also saw a big ol' crab with white pincers. Terribly exciting, as I'm sure you can appreciate. Just look at it!

I'd love to tell you about all the exciting things I did that afternoon, but I'd be lying. Having oh-so-gracefully plodded around in the sea for a while, I slapped on some SPF50 and promptly fell asleep. Full on, dribbling, fast asleep. So seductive, so glamourous. It's at times like these that I wonder why I don't have men falling at my feet?

For my fellow travellers, if you're wondering if Cable Beach could get any better: it can. Just behind the beach and the extortionate cafΓ© ($4.95 for a bottle of water?!) you've got clean toilets and showers. Helloooooo clean hair! Happy days all round.

Now, I hope you can handle the next part . . . sunset at Gantheaume Point. This treat combined my obsession with the ocean, sunsets, and dinosaurs into one half hour slot. 

Ta-da! Despite my best efforts to limit the number of photos included in this post, it just didn't happen. Oops. Shoot me. Enjoy 20 billion photos of the same thing. Pretty spectacular, no? Is that green make-up you're wearing or is it just jealousy?

RE: dinosaur footprints, they're only visible at very low tide at the bottom of the cliffs. These were going to be the highlight of my trip (and you didn't think I could get any more uncool) but unfortunately the tide wasn't low enough and I dressed for the 'gram in a teeny-tiny white dress. Next time, Broome. I did, however, get to see replica dinosaur footprints at the top of the cliff. So between you and me, let's just tell everyone else they're legit.

Oh, so you've made it to the end of the photos? Do you have wrist sprain yet? Don't sue me, please. In other news, I've just watched Wolf Creek and it's really not as bad as everyone was making out. 100% would still go camping. Until next time xoxo