A Little Homesick
The Graduate Escape


Day Two

Start: Manbulloo - Finish: Wyndham | Distance: 678km approx. |

Good morning from sunny Manbulloo! Manbulloo is definitely in my Top 3 Fave Aussie Place Names (along with Mooloolaba and Ningaloo). But back to the journey!

There's literally nothing between Manbulloo and Timber Creek - a whopping 262km away. No petrol, no toilets, no phone service. With this in mind, you'd kind expect Timber Creek to be of a fairly substantial size, but no, Timber Creek is tiny. It's a mere strip (about 1km long) of civilisation in the middle of the outback. Having said this, it does have two servos (that's Aussie for petrol station), a hotel and a campsite. To our surprise, one lady that we spoke to told us she came to Timber Creek for a night but ended up staying for a week and counting - not sure what exactly she was doing, but whatever floats your boat. To give Timber Creek it's credit, the guy in the first servo is a little joker and the coffees aren't bad either. It's not all doom and gloom in TC!

A few hours west and we finally reached the NT/WA border. Yes, it is compulsory to take a photo with the sign. No, I don't know why my legs have gone that orange. Side note: you're not allowed to bring any fruit or veg into WA *cue us panic-eating our salad*. In exchange for not bringing in any fresh produce, you gain an hour and a half πŸŽ‰

Detour time! 

Lake Argyle, ladies and gents! Stunning, orange, and big <-- there you go, that's Lake Argyle summed up in three words. Well, technically it's turquoise but everything else around it is orange. Proper orange. Like the photos of Australia in the guidebooks. A bit like Mars, I guess.

If you're one of the lucky few with unlimited time to do this route, may I suggest a night or two at the campsite overlooking the lake? It's easy to reach (just off the road) and has amazing views. I mean, just look at that infinity pool 😍 How the other half live.

But time stops for no mouse and Kununurra was calling our names. By Aussie standards, Kununurra is actually a 'big town'. It's got more than five streets, a choice of cafΓ©s, and free wifi in parts. Still no Cotton On though, rendering this town inhospitable to me. Oh Kununurra, you were doing so well!

To fulfil my cultural, touristic needs, we visited Kelly's Knob. Rest assured, Mother, it's a lookout point not a brothel. I might be single but I'm not that desperate yet.

Who is Kelly? I don't know. What I do know, however, is that Kelly's Knob is a five minute drive from the town centre and you can drive right to the top. None of this mountain climbing crap that I do on the Sunshine Coast, thank you very much! Aside from offering views over Kununurra and the surrounding countryside, the Knob reveals that the town actually has an airport.  The airport, one can only assume, is the vital link between Kununurra's citizens and Cotton On.

This next part is where we get a little waylaid. Instead of following signs to Warmun, we accidentally followed signs to Wyndham. It was a minor detour north of our intended route, but we did get to see a big crocodile statue and a pretty epic sunset from the 'Five Rivers Lookout'.

If you're Wyndham-way-inclined (and I do recommend a visit), there's a really nice campsite on the far edge of town, imaginatively called 'Wyndham Caravan Park'. As far as campsites go, this was hands-down the fanciest that we stayed at. It's got a pool, a really good kitchen area, and - get this - free wifi! Living la vida luxury, I say. Unpowered sites will set you back $15 per adult, so on the pricey side but what can you do? There're also a lot of frogs. Honestly, hundreds.

And thus concludes Day Two. Time is a-flying and Perth is coming ever closer. Until next time!