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Month #3

What a difference a month makes!

Ho ho ho! A belated Merry Christmas to you all! I did originally plan to have this up on Christmas Day but I got waylaid in the kitchen - who would've thought? (p.s. I was cooking not eating)

So yes, what a difference a month makes! December has been very interesting, very spontaneous, and very cold (but more on that later). Can you believe it's been 3 months since I left the comforts of south London? That's a quarter of a year . . . Next thing you know it'll be time to retire!

So without further ado, here is my month in review!

So what's new?

I've spent the past three weeks in the arctic. Sorry, I mean in Melbourne. Whilst my culture levels may have increased, the temperature levels have plummeted. Having spent the past two? three? months in 30ΒΊ+ weather, Melbourne's more English climate has left me feeling quite chilly. Don't worry, I've been complaining bitterly at every moment. I even have the radiator in my room on. So what have I been up to in Melbourne? Quite a bit actually. I made some new pals, saw some sights, drank lots of wine, and watched as my tan slowly began to fade. Pretty standard, really.  was also (briefly) reunited with Stephy . . . we'll be back in action in 2017 don't worry!

I've also been working on my taste for coffee. I never really liked it before but I always wanted to, just so I could strut around the library with a Starbucks cup like the cool kids. Sophisticated. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that Australians are 87% coffee - they bleed the stuff. Therefore, in my continuous effort to infiltrate Australian society, I have decided that I really should start drinking the stuff too. Peter introduced me to the caramel latte and I think this is going to be my drink of choice. I had a whole one the other day and was very proud of myself. Little steps, little steps.

What's coming up?

In four short days I'll be donning my seductive lime green backpack again and off on my next adventure! I'm heading back to my beloved Queensland to do the bits that I didn't quite manage earlier in the year. Words cannot express how excited I am to get back to my hot, humid, swampy state that I have grown to love. I spent a delightful few hours in the travel agent the other week trying to sort everything out because, seeing as I am a Last Minute Lucinda, availability for quite a few things was almost non-existent. Nevertheless, I'm doing all the main sights and I can safely say that my Instagram will be on point. Speaking of Instagram, I should probably get back on it. It kind of looks like I've died or something and I'm really slacking on making everyone at home jelly.

My lil trip will end mid-Jan and from there I'm still undecided as to what to do. (Story of my Aussie life right there). Do I venture to Sydney, see if it feels like home, and seek sponsorship? or do I bite the bullet and crack on with my dreaded regional work? I'm afraid you'll have to tune in next month to find out . . .  ;)

To conclude

As I said at the beginning, this month has been very spontaneous for me. My inner control freak is just about coping. I have developed a reliance on the phrase 'such is life!', though. I honestly spurt this at every occasion when I can't think of anything more academic to say. Interesting little fact for you all (but you probably already know it) the saying 'such is life!' actually comes from Ned Kelly - Victoria's famous outlaw. I didn't even know Ned Kelly was a real person, let alone Australian, until last week, so there we go!

p.s. here are some of my fave photos from the past four weeks . . .