A Little Homesick
The Graduate Escape


Month #9

Could've grown a baby in this time!

Remember all those pregnancy-related jokes I mentioned last month? I've forgotten them. I can hear you rejoicing already -_-

Anyway, it's been *just over* nine months since I left home and eight since I got to Australia - what's that sound in the distance? It's the sound of my visa running out! I've had a bit of drama-llama with my farm work recently . . . in short, I got fired for being too slow. What is my life. Anyway, I've got until October 27th to finish it so I am sort-of hopeful, otherwise I will have to resort to pregnancy. Line up gentlemen, line up.

Since my last monthly round up I've been to WA. If you haven't been Keeping Up with the Kardashians (aka my blog), you can read all about my little adventures here! Western Australia looks just like the photos: red sand, turquoise water, lots of emus. Hundreds of emus. Where were all the kangaroos? I don't want to spoil it too much, but my little Two Girls, One Van is definitely worth a read - but then again, I would say that because I wrote it. There's also a few bikini photos to get your hearts racing 😏

My little jaunt around the west coat ended in Perth - with a visit to Rottnest Island - before flying to Melbourne. I can now confirm that Melbourne winters are as cold as people say they are. I also had my first taste of an AFL match: would highly recommend. I've still got a few posts to, well, post about these last few days - they should be up soon because I'm funemployed until Saturday. Yes, on Saturday I begin a new job - v. exciting. Sadly it won't count for my 88 days of regional work, but it will earn me some dollar and I get to live in Noosa :D :D :D

Until next time, my little sparkly pumpkins, adios!