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Mt Coolum

The day I discovered just how unfit I have become . . . 

I've never been particularly active or sporty - I'm much more of an armchair fan than a player - but I have ventured into the gym a few times in my life, so I thought I was relatively fit. I was wrong, so very, very wrong.

After my extreme canoeing adventure in Noosa, I'd moved slightly further south to stay with a friend near Mooloolaba. Basking in the novelty of having my own room, working air con, and wifi, I'd spent the first half of the week eating an ungodly amount of tim tams. And I mean ungodly. I was almost back to my pack-a-day habit of times past. In my defence, they were on sale in Woolworths and I did branch out into the caramel and mango flavours this time. I'd also been introduced to macaroons (of which it was my duty to try every flavour plus I was just being a polite house guest and eating everything offered) and these frozen yogurt stick things which I think were passionfruit flavour? Or maybe mango? I don't remember, I don't even remember their name. The packaging was peach, though - any ideas?!?! Basically: I was being a fat pig. The beach was also opposite the house and the Aus Open was on so I was also being a Sedentary Sylvia. To conclude, I was not at my physical peak.

Sweatpants are all that fit me right now! - Me, Mooloolaba (Jan 2017)

I'm going to blame a mixture of tim tam intoxication and Aus Open inspiration for my decision to climb Mt Coolum so willingly. I was also told that it was easy, in fact, the guy I was with claimed to be able to run up and down it multiple times within 45 minutes. Either he is a liar, or he is a freak. For an average human, I think it'd be an okay walk. Not too challenging, can be done with friends whilst having a chat. For a drama queen like myself, it was torture. I kept trying to take strategic, sneaky breaks disguised as letting others pass, but the Aussies were too nice and kept insisting that I keep going. Thanks guys.

Despite the rather shocking amount of sweat I'd produced, the views were pretty sweet, as evidenced in this post. Once I make my triumphant return to the Coast, I'm going to incorporate Mt Coolum into my weekly workout routine. Currently that routine consists of 10 squats a day about once a week - I'll be honest here and admit that I'm not yet seeing any results ;) I think I'll draw the line at running up and down it though because I'd like to retain an ounce of my dignity as I cannot run to save my life.

If you think this seems like a fair challenge, just wait until you see the beast that I climbed the following day . . .