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Mt Tibrogargan

Arguably the coolest thing I've ever done and yet another time to show off my lack of fitness prowess . . . 

Following my uhh pitiful ascent of Mt Coolum the day before, expectations for me to be able to climb Mt Tibrogargan were low. When I say low, I mean non-existent. We honestly left with the intention of just having a look, expecting me to chicken out at the sight of it, and then we'd return home whereupon I'd demolish yet more tim tams. 

Mount Tibrogargan (please don't ask me to actually say this name out loud, it's not happening) is one of many funky-shaped mountains in the Glasshouse Mountain range, northwest of Brisvegas. According to Wikipedia, it resembles a gorilla but I just see a pointy lump of rock . . . Tibrogargan is 27 million years old (making it just slightly younger than my dad) and at 364m tall it's definitely the most exercise I've ever done - ever.

I'm lead to believe that there is a rock climbing route with ropes and hooks and all that jazz on one side, but me being super edgy and a daredevil decided to forgo these safety measures. I climbed it sans helmet and ropes. Impressive, no?

Our ascent started with a sort of half-made track to the base of the mountain, I will admit that I was already struggling here so the future was not looking so bright. The first little bit was okay - you can kind of see places to put your feet and hands on the almost vertical rock face. The second part is undoubtedly the hardest bit - it's pretty much smooth and there was some embarrassing squealing on this part during the descent (from Sam obviously, not me . . .). From here on up it's just a case of grabbing rocks, hauling your self up and periodically wiping the sweat from your face. It was equally thrilling and terrifying. I was assured, however, that if I fell I'd almost certainly die instantly so at least there'd be no suffering.

A painfully slow 60 minutes later, Sarah had reached the summit. The views were pretty epic and there is an overhang which I'm told can produce some edgy instagram pictures, but I didn't want to push my luck. I also had a severe case of jelly legs so I was half crawling, half dragging myself around the top. I am so attractive.

And if you're thinking that I couldn't possibly be any more graceful, you're wrong. I descended about 87% of Tib on my bum. Sliding down, shorts riding up, sweat dripping off me, face redder than a tomato. Honestly, it was a sight to behold. 

 Cool as a cucumber.

Cool as a cucumber.

Mt Tib, I shall be back - and next time I'm bringing a towel.