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No.1 Neighbour, GOMA | Brisbane

An insight into the ongoing relationship between Australia and Papua New Guinea expressed through art.

Anyone who knows me will know that I love history, and anyone who has known me since I lived in Barcelona will also know that I've developed a love of art galleries. It'll come as no surprise then that the other week I found myself at GOMA: Queensland's Gallery of Modern Art. Whilst I didn't spend as much time there as I'd have liked (I was stung by a wasp shortly before entering and was convinced I was going to die a slow, agonising death), the exhibition that I did see (No.1 Neighbour) was pretty impressive.

I'm going to be completely honest here and admit that my knowledge about Papua New Guinea consisted of practically nothing. I knew it was an island, somewhere, possibly near Australia, and I'd heard that they were cannibals*, but apart from that I knew absolutely zilch. So you could say that GOMA's current exhibition - No.1 Neighbour - was eye opening. The exhibition showcases Papua New Guinean art from the mid-60s to the present day. There's a mixture of paintings, carvings, and even clothing from the past five decades, and the exhibition also incorporates film. As I said, I knew absolutely nothing about Papua New Guinea and its culture before, but this exhibition offers a great insight into the country.

No.1 Neighbour runs until the 29th of January 2017 and is completely free!

*I am pleased to report that, according to Wikipedia, the practice of cannibalism has been almost entirely eradicated.