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Noosa Everglades

Everglade: a tract of low, swampy land, characterised by clumps of tall grass and numerous branching waterways. *

That, my friends, is the definition of an everglade. You might be wondering why I've decide to define an everglade, seeing as they're usually associated with Florida, but there's also one in Noosa, Queensland. During my brief stop in Noosa, little wannabe camping queen me decided to go on an overnight camping trip to the mysterious everglades. 

Originally the trip consisted of a 12km hike and 6km canoe - what was I thinking? I honestly do not know - but there would appear to be a god as, due to temperatures exceeding 38ΒΊ, the hike was cancelled. Instead we just did a 12km canoe - equally torturous but at least we could go swimming.

We began our little canoe excursion by Harry's Hut and made our way ever-so-slowly to Fig Tree Point for lunch, a swim, and photos. Even though I was convinced that I'd never be able to use my arms again, I did manage to appreciate the scenery - the water was so still that the trees were reflected in the river . . . kinda like a mirror. I did try my best to capture it but I'm not a photographer by any standards so the photos aren't quite as epic as they could've been.

On our way back to Harry's Hut, we stopped off to Tea Tree Bay, so called because of the tea trees lining the banks. And how did the tea tree get it's name? Well, when they grow beside a river or lake something in them magically turns the water a red/orange colour - like tea. That was the scientific description, by the way. Again I tried to capture this on camera, but it just looks like I'm wading in Iron Bru, a lush bath bomb, or iodine. Or the surface of Mars.

Upon our return to our campsite - we camped in huts! What luxury! - we found a few bouncy, Australian friends roaming around. Throughout the evening more came and, after four months in the country, I can assure you that seeing wild kangaroos never gets old. Whilst showering I also had my first encounter with an eight-legged Australian creature, not ideal.

As the sun set, the night descended into chaos.

I kid, I kid. The night descended into a bbq, bonfire, and then bed. Pretty standard for ol' Granny Mac. The following morning a few of us girls got up nice and early to watch the sunrise over the lake . . . except it was cloudy. This is becoming a reoccurring event, I really should just give up with sunrises.

A few hours later it was back on the back, back to Noosa, and eventually back to Betty's Burgers . . .