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Sydney Harbour Bridge

The cheaper version of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Hello, welcome, here begins my Sydney posts. I thought I'd kick off proceedings in Sydney with my little jaunt up the Pylon Lookout at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. For those of us who are not made of money, this is a far cheaper alternative. Of course, you can just walk across the bridge for free, but for a little height, some great views and some history, you can always climb the pylon for a mere $15.

I have to say that the Pylon Lookout was probably one of my favourite activities of the trip. I hadn't even really considered doing it but my friend Gemma had a complimentary pass that was about to expire, and before I knew it I was climbing the 200 steps to the top.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was built between July 1923 and January 1932 and is the tallest steel arch bridge in the world. It links Dawes Point in The Rocks area of the city to Milsons Point in the lower North Shore area. As you walk up to the lookout, there are various mini exhibitions telling the story of the bridge's construction and history. I could recite it all to you but a) that would spoil it for you, and b) all I really remember was that there used to be lots of white cats living at the top. Instead, I'll leave you with some photos of the CBD, Sydney Opera House, and the bridge.