A Little Homesick
The Graduate Escape


The Dreamtime

In the beginning the land was empty, vacuous, free from life. Then the Spirits created the rivers, the hills, the animals and the plants. They created the people and gave each tribe their land, totems and Dreaming. This is the Dreamtime.


The Creation of Burleigh

Way, way back, this was Paradise. An unbroken stretch of sand and sea from Kijeragah at the mouth of the Nerang river in the north, to the Tweed river in the south.

One day, a giant called Jabreen came upon Paradise. Despite being a Spirit, he was, like any mortal, drawn to the surf. Leaving his club on the beach, he decided to swim to the horizon and back. Once back on the beach, he picked up his club, but the ground clung to it. Slowly the ground rose up with the club, creating the rocky outcrop known today as Little Burleigh.

Having worked up an appetite from his swim, Jabreen headed into the forest in search of food. Here, he grabbed a bee's nest from a tree and gorged himself on honey. He then returned to the beach to wash off the remaining honey. Once clean he stood up, stretched his arms up towards the sky and, like with his club, the ground followed. The land rose and rose until it reached his fingertips, thus creating Jellurgal (meaning bee's nest) or Burleigh Heads, as it's more commonly known today.