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The Eighth Roommate

The Farm Work Diaries

We have a new roommate in the cabin! I must admit I haven’t really managed to have a proper chat with them yet, and I only caught a glimpse of them, but I’m sure I’ll bump into them again soon – it is only a small cabin!

I hear our new roommate has made themselves at home in two of the other girls’ beds . . . a bit cheeky if you ask me, but maybe that’s how they do things here? I also thought it was a little rude that they didn’t hang around and introduce themselves properly to us all, seeing as we’re sharing living quarters, but maybe they’re just shy and intimidated by the seven of us?

They don’t appear to have brought much stuff with them, unless they’re keeping their suitcase in the luggage room? I guess that’s kind of a good thing. The 7 of us have spread out and occupied pretty much all the floor space so they don’t really have much choice.

I’ve been told that their cousin has moved into the main house, one of the other girls saw them in her room but they haven’t been seen since. Odd. I haven’t seen them at work either, but I am on a different farm so it’s possible that they have been working at our farm. Time will tell.

No one even knows their names!

Our new roommate is a rat.