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The Great Barrier Reef

When life gives you lemons, book a last minute trip to Queensland!

A few days before Christmas I walked into a Peter Pans office in Melbourne and announced to the slightly panicked travel agent that I wanted to go away over New Years, and I wanted to go to four of the biggest tourist attractions in Australia. I told you, New Sarah is very spontaneous!

Three hours later I strolled out, two week holiday booked, and a week later I was on my flight to Cairns. Cairns is lovely: it's like a big country town (or what I'd imagine one to be like) with a decent sized shopping centre* and a very picturesque lagoon. I am a fan.

*I got lost inside it trying to find JB Hi Fi.

Back to my Great Barrier Reef day...

I went on the Ocean Freedom boat - I didn't have much choice, it was all my travel agent offered me. My package included unlimited snorkelling, lunch and snacks, and an introductory scuba dive. Let's just say the scuba dive was not a success so in future I'll stick to snorkelling, thanks.

Whilst these photos aren't the best, they were taken on a camera that cost me just $79 (it was my Christmas present to myself). I am also a plonker and forgot to turn off the date/time stamp so just pretend it isn't there, okay? Focus instead on the bottom photo which just about shows a sea turtle! Exciting times!

I'd love to write more but the wifi is a bit temperamental and I've got to pack for Fraser Island eek!

Tune in next time for more underwater pics, this time from the Whitsundays! Also I've just spoken to my mum who reminded me that I haven't sent out a newsletter in a while - sorry. As soon as I'm back in civilisation I'll get straight to it! 

p.s. enjoy my snorkel selfies! The second one was taken on a sandbank in the middle of the sea - can you imagine?! We dropped off the boat into deep water, swam about 100m and suddenly we could stand, we were surrounded by water for as far as the eye could see. I felt a bit like Jesus walking on water. Hence the big ol' cheesy grin.