A Little Homesick
The Graduate Escape


Two Girls, One Van

The wildly unsuccessful sequel to you-know-what . . .

In a moment of unemployed madness, I convinced my friend Poppy to drive from Darwin down to Adelaide with me. In a further moment of madness – which can only be attributed to high caffeine intake – we changed course and decided to drive to Perth instead . . . in 8 days. Yes, we did realise how far it was and no, we haven’t seen Wolf Creek.

What's life without a little risk, eh?

Anyway, that up there is the van. Funny looking thing - bit like the tardis inside - but home for 8 days. For reasons unknown, we didn't give the van a name. Sorry . . . I feel like we failed at being backpackers there.

The Journey

As we chose a relocation camper, our destinations were limited. We'd already booked flights to Darwin with the hope of driving to Alice but it was not to be. Instead, the relocation camper gods pointed us in the direction of Perth. Leaving the steamy capital of the Northern Territory on a Thursday morning, we rolled into Perth mid-afternoon the following Thursday. 5200km later, we had survived against all odds.

I've decided to document our thrilling saga day-by-day. Eventually I'll get around to writing up a no-frills, TL/DR of the journey with only the important bits, but for now enjoy the waffle and all my holiday photos!

Posts will be coming every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the end of time (or until I've run out of days to post about, whichever comes first), starting tomorrow.

Ta-ta for now!