A Little Homesick
The Graduate Escape



A slight upgrade from that time we rented a boat in Hvar for the day . . .

Coincidentally, though, both times the boat was captained by an aussie. Anyway, I kicked off 2017 in style - cruising around the Whitsundays on a catamaran for two days and two nights. Not too shabby, I think you'll agree.

My days were filled with snorkelling, eating, sunbathing, pondering the many mysteries of life. All in all a great few days. As you can probably tell, words are failing me right now - I'm in the middle of a mini heatwave and my brain is frazzled, do forgive me. 

I took my little x90 camera out for a spin again. I still suck at snorkel selfies. I have to say that the coral here was so much better than in Cairns - look at all the colours - sadly I didn't get as many photos as I'd have liked because I was a fool and forgot to charge my camera fully.

I'd personally recommend the boat 'Wings'. It's not so much of a party boat as the Clipper, so it's a lot more chilled and there's less people which is always nice. For those of you with seasickness, I was surprised (and a lil disappointed) by how stable the boat was - maybe I was just lucky with the weather? Who knows.