A Little Homesick
The Graduate Escape


Words of Mass Destruction

“No work tomorrow girls”

A cry of despair. Exhausted sighs and muttered curse words. A wave of disappointment washes through the farm. These are the four little words that no one wants to hear. The nineteen soul-crushing letters that can extend your stay here in this rural prison for what feels like an eternity. The words of mass destruction.

It’s the text that no one wants to receive; it’s enough to break even the toughest of spirits. Before coming here I’d never seen a person’s hope and happiness fade so fast, didn’t even know it was possible. This text is the equivalent of a dementor’s kiss.

The following 24 hours stretches out in front of you: an endless, uninterrupted expanse of time. The minutes ticking by slower than you thought possible, each hour like a sea of bullets hurtling towards your bank account. The 88 days feeling impossible – is a second year here even worth it?

You know those animals that have been confined in the zoo for too long? The ones that pace up and down or rock back and forth endlessly? This is what we’re in danger of becoming.